July 12, 2020
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Thanksgiving is always a time for reflection and gratitude, and this year is no exception. This Thanksgiving, we would like to express our appreciation and celebrate some ocean victories—many of which were possible because of the support of ocean advocates like you. I could not be prouder of our Ocean Conservancy team, our partners and […]

Fish Tales from Alaska

Theresa Peterson is Alaska Marine Conservation Council’s (AMCC) longest serving staff person (14 years!), an active fisherwoman and long-time resident of Kodiak, home to the nation’s largest fishing fleet. Theresa has a diverse fishing portfolio: setnetting for salmon, fishing for tanner crab, longlining for halibut, and jigging for cod. Fishing is a family business for […]

Why We (Still) Need Recycling

This past August I left the bustle of Washington, D.C., for Erie, Pennsylvania, where my husband took a teaching position at Penn State’s campus there. I was excited to experience life on the Great Lakes and, in some ways, to feel even more connected to Ocean Conservancy’s mission. After all, with its sandy shores, high […]

Fishing for invertebrates is increasing dramatically, and it’s impacting marine ecosystems: How we can manage invertebrate fisheries better

Editor’s note: In 2016, roughly one-third of the total value of the world’s trade of fish and fish products was invertebrates. (They were approximately one-fifth of the global fish trade by live weight.) To learn more about the state and future of invertebrate fisheries management, The Skimmer interviewed Heike Lotze, a professor in the Department […]

Whether Up River or On Land, Ocean Cleanups Start with Us

The Ocean Cleanup (until now known for attempts at cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch) recently announced that they will expand their cleanups from the gyres to the coasts and upstream. Their newly unveiled “Interceptor” boat promises to scoop up 50,000 kilograms (roughly 11,000 pounds) of trash per day from rivers. This isn’t the […]

Learning, Sharing, Acting for the Ocean in Oslo

Last week I had the pleasure of leading Ocean Conservancy’s delegation to the 2019 Our Ocean Conference in Norway. We had a lot planned for the two-day event, and it felt like a whirlwind. I couldn’t be more proud of the Ocean Conservancy team. The theme for this year’s conference was “Learning, Sharing, Acting,” and […]