July 12, 2020
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  • 5:59 am 7 Fish with Unusual Names
  • 2:42 am Meet the Lumpsucker
  • 11:54 pm 7 Species Ready for the Holiday SEAson
  • 10:06 pm 4 Fish that Live in the Arctic
Meet the Lumpsucker

What would you get if you combined a ping pong ball, a suction cup and a fish? A lumpsucker. Lumpsuckers are a group of small, spherical fish that live in the chilly waters of the Arctic, North Pacific and North Atlantic. They’re part of the Cyclopteridae family, which gets its name from the Greek words […]

7 Species Ready for the Holiday SEAson

Candy canes and pinecones, joyful music and fireplace gatherings—signs that the holiday season is upon us! At some point in our lives, I’m sure that each and every one of us has wished that it was a holiday every day. Though we can’t give you an eternal festive season, we can provide you with some […]

4 Fish that Live in the Arctic

When you think of Arctic animals, there are probably a few that come to mind. You likely picture distinctive critters like polar bears, puffins or narwhals—which is great! These animals deserve to be celebrated. But what about the less charismatic species? The Arctic is packed with weird and wonderful animals, many of whom are found […]


Today is a day of celebration for the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly 10 years after the BP oil disaster, the federal government took its most significant step yet toward healing deep-sea habitats and marine wildlife harmed by the worst marine oil spill in history. With the release of the final Open Ocean Trustee restoration plan […]

Capturing Litter and People’s Imagination on Toronto’s Waterfront

This blog was written by Chelsea Rochman, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, co-founder of the University of Toronto Trash Team and Scientific Advisor to Ocean Conservancy; and Susan Debreceni, the Outreach Manager and co-founder of the University of Toronto Trash Team.  It was a little more than two years ago when we independently discovered Baltimore’s […]